The Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC UK) is an independent international educational standards assessment agency based in the United Kingdom. ASIC has been appointed by the United Kingdom Government’s Home Office UK Border Agency.

ASIC operates in over 60 countries working with institutions, and governments, to improve the quality of their education provision.

They benchmark education providers against rigorous UK quality standards and their accreditation is an internationally-renowned recognition that an institution meets the highest standards of education, welfare and best practice.

ASIC’s goals are:

  • To protect students and stakeholders from unethical institutions who make false or misleading claims about their curriculum, their teaching methods, and other matters either verbally, in writing or via electronic means.
  • To defend the reputations of genuine institutions, their staff and representatives, allowing them to show that they can offer high-quality education, and that their good names are not tarnished by the actions of a minority of disreputable establishments.
  • To ensure that staff act professionally at all times, that institutions promote and market themselves in a truthful and ethical way, and that they continue to take responsibility for the welfare and education of their international students.

Amongst others, ASIC is recognised by UKVI in the UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group in the USA, and are members of the British Quality Foundation.

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