In their efforts to develop their intentional cooperation, on 23 October 2019, EUB management signed an academic cooperation and recognition framework agreement with the world oldest university Ez-Zitouna University in Tunis. Ez-Zitouna University was first established in 737 AD (1372 years old). It is the world oldest university which still exists and fully operational.

The EUB Chairman of Broad of Trustees (Consul Dr. M. El Sayed), the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Prof. Dr E. Serry), the Dean of Faculty of Religious Studies (Prof. Dr A. El Senousi), Members of Board of Trustees (Dr. B. Kabrit and Dr R. Khalaf), visited Ez-Zitouna University to conclude the negotiations for academic cooperation between EUB and Ez-Zitouna.

Professor Dr. Hichem Grissa the President of Ez-Zaitona University welcomed his guests from EUB with a present from the university, “The Olive Tree – Ez-Zitouna” the prestigious symbol of the ancient university. Professor Dr. Grissa explained the efforts the university does to work with international universities and their different agreements across the world.

The cooperation involves mutual recognition, joint work in providing religious education to students in Europe, joint research and publishing, student and staff exchange programmes and various other activities.

Professor Dr. Grissa and the guests expressed their happiness with the agreement and their hope that this cooperation could be a valuable asset to both universities.

Ez-Zitouna University (Arabic: جامعة الزيتونة‎, French: Université Zitouna) is in Montfleury, Tunis. It was first established in 737 and subsequently modernised in 1956. It consists of the Higher Institute of Theology and the Higher Institute of Islamic Civilisation in Tunis and a research institution, the Center of Islamic Studies, in Kairouan.